Shards of Varax

The Story Keeps Going

The party struggled with the Shard of Varax, some managing to resist its evil pull even as others lashed out and attacked their fellows. The paladin, Smitt Moo, managed to rescue the gnome Mourice and the half-elf Dagger from the strange controlling affects of the shard.

Finally, the group managed to destroy the shard by turning the ancient elemental magicks embodied in constructs against the shard.

The group then communed with the goddess Bowan, who spoke to them through the statue which had been encased in the shard. The group learned that they were the subjects of prophecy—heroes who would stop the god Varax from returning to the prime material plane. The adventuress, Dagger, also learned that she was, perhaps, descended from the Mother goddess Dana herself.

Next, the party swam through the underground river and emerged in a secret valley. The human captive, Korbald Sandyman died in the voyage.

The group spoke with some gnomish citizens of this new place which they learned was called Granite Falls, or Feldsparoon in the old gnomish tongue.

The group was welcomed by the clan chief, Shrump Proudjaw, but Leedok Tallowax, the high priest, looked upon them as intruders.

While the majority of the part conversed with Shrump, Dagger abducted a young gnome by the name of Hurmshly, who she learned was the sole apprentice of the ailing village soothsayer, Yorn.

The party learned that the isolated gnome enclave maintained contact with the outside world via an airship, and that many of the gnomes-led by Leedok-were extremely mistrustful of outsiders.

The party also learned that the gnomes hold their progenitors in high esteem, and worship them through a feared and holy place known as “The Circle of Ancestors”

The party also learned that the gnomes have a prophecy about great heroes who would stop the ancient and evil god Varax from returning to Abred. Many of the gnomes seem to think that the party are the heroes of prophecy, but Leedok and his ilk resent the very idea that non-gnomes could be the legendary saviors.



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