Shards of Varax

And Going...

At a feast held to welcome them to the secret valley community of Feldsaproon, the heroes spoke with several members of the gnomish community. The gnome wizard, Mourice Grimblefinger, conspired with Hurmshly Willowfoot, the inexperienced soothsayer, to discuss the prophecy of Feldsparoon and together the two hatched an escape plan. Mourice learned that, according to prophecy, the heroes must visit the gnomish Circle of Ancestors on the night of the full moon for some sort of divine counsel. He also learned that Leedok kept a private flotilla of flying ships. Finally, Mourice convinced Hurmshly to disclose the location of these vessels.

Meanwhile, Grauck, Dagger, Smitt, and Tripetta enjoyed the feast. Eventually, Dagger and Grauck began to dance-asking the village musicians to play an elven dancing tune-while Smitt conferred with the xenophobic and scheming Leedok Tallowax. Grauck caroused with the citizenry, and Dagger managed to whisper a warning to Chief Shump Proudjaw about Leedok’s evil intentions.

Finally, the party retired to a crude shelter constructed to house additional rock-gnome refugees, and in the dark of the night the heroes hatched a plan. They would await the prophesied night of the full moon, and, if need be, claim that Grauck was with child and thus unable to travel. The party planned, tentatively, to steal one of Leedok’s air ships when the time came.

The Story Keeps Going

The party struggled with the Shard of Varax, some managing to resist its evil pull even as others lashed out and attacked their fellows. The paladin, Smitt Moo, managed to rescue the gnome Mourice and the half-elf Dagger from the strange controlling affects of the shard.

Finally, the group managed to destroy the shard by turning the ancient elemental magicks embodied in constructs against the shard.

The group then communed with the goddess Bowan, who spoke to them through the statue which had been encased in the shard. The group learned that they were the subjects of prophecy—heroes who would stop the god Varax from returning to the prime material plane. The adventuress, Dagger, also learned that she was, perhaps, descended from the Mother goddess Dana herself.

Next, the party swam through the underground river and emerged in a secret valley. The human captive, Korbald Sandyman died in the voyage.

The group spoke with some gnomish citizens of this new place which they learned was called Granite Falls, or Feldsparoon in the old gnomish tongue.

The group was welcomed by the clan chief, Shrump Proudjaw, but Leedok Tallowax, the high priest, looked upon them as intruders.

While the majority of the part conversed with Shrump, Dagger abducted a young gnome by the name of Hurmshly, who she learned was the sole apprentice of the ailing village soothsayer, Yorn.

The party learned that the isolated gnome enclave maintained contact with the outside world via an airship, and that many of the gnomes-led by Leedok-were extremely mistrustful of outsiders.

The party also learned that the gnomes hold their progenitors in high esteem, and worship them through a feared and holy place known as “The Circle of Ancestors”

The party also learned that the gnomes have a prophecy about great heroes who would stop the ancient and evil god Varax from returning to Abred. Many of the gnomes seem to think that the party are the heroes of prophecy, but Leedok and his ilk resent the very idea that non-gnomes could be the legendary saviors.

The Story Continues

After the rotund woman and the silver armored man escaped, the heroes were beset by a large group of ogres led by a wicked, smaller being-most likely a half-ogre-whose name the party later learned was Lafruk.

The party fought valiantly, but were inevitably captured. The heroes awoke to find themselves in a dragonbone cage, banded with lava-forged iron. They also found they were not alone. A wiry, unshaven human with sandy hair; an older gentleman who appeared heavily wounded and plagued by a wracking cough; an ogre who appeared to have resisted the vile plans embraced by his fellows; and two small creatures with skin like living, rubicund gemstones shared the cramped space of the cell along with the 5 heroes. Gorku, the adorable goblin follower, and Mourice’s clockwork titan had both gone missing.

After a display which can only be described as shocking, Tripetta the gnomish zealot managed to entice some of the ogre guards. The party nearly escaped thanks to Tripetta’s… strategic maneuvering, but Lafruk intervened and restored order.

After what seemed an eternity spent simply waiting in the cage, the heroes were herded to a mining site and put to work swinging heavy picks to free iron ore from ancient bedrock. With the help of a ranger named Galidor-who had evidently been part of a failed rescue attempt-the party escaped after a glorious battle with their captors, leaving the half-ogre Lafruk to drown in a pool of his own blood.

With the aid of Galidor’s polymorph potion, the heroes masqueraded as ogres and presented the head of Lafruk as proof of their Ogre cell-mate Bronk’s might and right to rule to the other ogres. Bronk parted ways with the group, agreeing to remain in the ruined rock-gnome city with his fellow ogres until such a time as their help was needed.

Finally, the heroes asked their rock gnome cell-mates for guidance, and the pair explained that an ancient escape route lay through an ancient temple to the goddess Bowann.

When the group entered the temple, however, the words of a mysterious scroll that Mourice had discovered stashed in the cage seemed to come true:

Beyond the gate with eyes of three

The Goddess drowns in a crimson sea

Land, Sky, and Cloud—these form the key

To undo the magic and set her free.

The group fought three elemental constructs and made their way past a magically sealed gate through the clever use of gems lodged in the eye sockets of the constructs.

But in the next chamber a ghastly sight greeted them—a statue of Bowann encased in a thick scarlet glob of matter which radiated palpable evil.

Tendrils of strange energy clutched at the minds of the heroes… and it seemed that all their efforts may have proved in vain…

The Story so Far...
Of heroic first meetings and early deeds heroic and malicious


After journeying to the town of Raven’s Roost, four strangers met in the tavern called the “Maiden’s Meet.” They were, in order of descending height: Dagger, the half-elven ranger from the wilds of Wylanquost Forest; Smit Moo, the elven paladin from the southern sands; Grauk Schlect, the dwarven warrior from the icy north, and Maurice Grimblefinger, the gnomish wizard hailing from the darkened depths of Dunn Dunnkle—the ancient gnomish homeland.

The night of their first meeting, after much merrymaking, a troubled pair of young travelers sought the group’s help. It seems a friend of the troubled youths had gone missing, and in light of recent menacing and unexplained activity-sheep found mutilated and drained of blood, for instance-the heroes decided to look for the missing young man.

After an unexpected encounter with a farmer (which bears no repeating here, lest innocent parties be wrongly incriminated) the group made their way to a crumbling stone tower. Inside, they discovered that the goblins who had once lived there had been mostly exterminated by some foul, undead creatures who had taken up residence in the tower.

But wait—another hero joined at this point in our tale!

Tripetta the Magnificiplent, another gnome, made her way to the tower, pursuing her own investigation of the recent uncanny happenings around Raven’s Roost. Though their meeting was not at first entirely friendly, the attack of a terrified goblin swiftly brought Tripetta into friendship-or at least collaboration-with the group,

Out of kindness or foolishness, or some combination of the twain, the group took on this lone goblin who had evidently survived by hiding beneath rubble and feeding on rats. Should this become significant later, and for ease of reference, the goblins name was “Gorku,” though spelling of goblin names is dodgy at best.

After exploring the tower, and discovering wretched creatures composed of crudely stitched together limbs and pieces of odd machinery, the group came at last to he who had created these travesties, these mockeries of life. The group defeated the necromancer, though much bedlam and many near disasters struck in the meantime—including a covert feud over Gorku’s loyalty between the ranger, Dagger, and the cleric, Tripetta. Certain furnishing in the tower were lit aflame during the adventure as well, though the cause of the resulting fire is still a point of dispute among scholars and chroniclers such as myself. There were also allegations that the gnomish wizard, Maurice, had sabotaged the weapons of a fellow party member who was known to be a loose cannon, but again, as with the identity of the arsonist, I cannot confirm or deny this.

As the group pillaged the necromancer’s hoard, the one known as Dagger spotted the villain’s head scampering away on mechanical feet. She shot at the thing with her longbow, but missed, and it managed to escape through some sort of arcane portal. The group followed, and found themselves in the Stonehold Foothils, where they tracked the animated head into some natural caverns with the aid of a halfling refugee from a nearby village which had been besieged by Ogres and Giants.

In the dark of the cave, the group slayed an ogre, shortly after which they met two strangers—a fair-skinned man with ebon hair and silvered armor, and a corpulent woman with locks of tarnished bronze. The pair of strangers attempted to parley with the heroes, but the two groups came to conflict and the strangers retreated into the depths of the caverns, their escape aided by a group of ogres led by a hill giant. The man in the silver helm is said to have insulted the paladin’s honor as he made his escape, a detail worth mentioning in this entry because, well, we all know how paladin’s can get about honor.


More details shall appear in this volume as pages of Waddlefrump’s journal become available for transcription.

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