Shards of Varax

And Going...

At a feast held to welcome them to the secret valley community of Feldsaproon, the heroes spoke with several members of the gnomish community. The gnome wizard, Mourice Grimblefinger, conspired with Hurmshly Willowfoot, the inexperienced soothsayer, to discuss the prophecy of Feldsparoon and together the two hatched an escape plan. Mourice learned that, according to prophecy, the heroes must visit the gnomish Circle of Ancestors on the night of the full moon for some sort of divine counsel. He also learned that Leedok kept a private flotilla of flying ships. Finally, Mourice convinced Hurmshly to disclose the location of these vessels.

Meanwhile, Grauck, Dagger, Smitt, and Tripetta enjoyed the feast. Eventually, Dagger and Grauck began to dance-asking the village musicians to play an elven dancing tune-while Smitt conferred with the xenophobic and scheming Leedok Tallowax. Grauck caroused with the citizenry, and Dagger managed to whisper a warning to Chief Shump Proudjaw about Leedok’s evil intentions.

Finally, the party retired to a crude shelter constructed to house additional rock-gnome refugees, and in the dark of the night the heroes hatched a plan. They would await the prophesied night of the full moon, and, if need be, claim that Grauck was with child and thus unable to travel. The party planned, tentatively, to steal one of Leedok’s air ships when the time came.



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